Summer Camp packing guide

Getting ready to embark on your summer camp journey can be stressful enough without worrying about what to pack, how much luggage space you have, what to take and what to leave.

IMG_4166Many summer camps will provide you with a packing list, these can be useful but they are very generic.

My advice for packing to go to a summer camp is to pack for all occasions, rain or shine. A rain jacket is a necessity as are shoes which can get wet, as you never know when the weather will turn against you. Do some research about your camp, is it a uniformed camp? If so, you will only need clothes for your days and evenings off, meaning you don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe with you.
You should also look at your activity and understand what you will need to be able to undertake it, for example a tennis coach might want their own racquet, a lifeguard may need a large number of swim suits, water ski instructors will needs swim suits and may want to take their skis. General activity instructors should take a look at all the activities available to the children and be prepared with suitable attire to be able undertake all sports and activities.


Many Summer Camps are located in remote areas away from local towns or villages, meaning it maybe hard to obtain everyday items such as; shampoo, deodorant, suncream, body wash etc. I would suggest that these items should be purchased before you travel and packed with you to avoid getting caught short. Mosquito repellent is a must for the summer, try to find one with a high DEET percentage as they work the best and avoid purchasing shampoos and similar items with powerful odours as these attract mosquitos.

You may want to pack some photographs to display around your bed or some home comforts to make your place feel more homely. Research the special activities your camp has throughout the summer, as it may not be easy to buy any items you may need for dress-up days. For example for 4th July some items that are red, white and blue may be a good to bring with you.

The main thing through is not to stress, if you are sensible and think carefully about what you need for the summer then you should be fine. Remember everyone will be in the same position as you, you can’t and won’t pack everything you need but don’t worry as someone will be there to help you out.

Summer Camp Packing Guide

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