Zante, much more than a party island 

Zakynthos, Zante, Laganas, (the island of many names) is an island off Greece with a reputation as a major party island. Zante has the ‘lads holiday’ reputation, a place where teenagers/young adults go on holiday to spend a week laying on the beach and moving from one nightclub to the other, giving English people a bad reputation. It’s fine, each individual is entitled to spend their vacation however they wish. Zante however is way more than just an island people go to with the main intention to party.

Zante is a relatively large Greek island, around 158sq miles, its main terrain however is mountainous due to its volcanic past and is sparing with beaches. The beaches it does have are beautiful with white sand and perfectly clear ocean water.

Zante has a number of small towns including Zakynthos, Volimes, Porto Vromi, Askos, Alykes and Agios Nikolaos.

Zakynthos is one of the larger towns on the island, it is a town based around the main industrial port with many port front restaurants. Zakynthos has a main street with branded and souvenir shops, restaurants and a small number of bars but be warned the majority of the stores on the island are closed between the hours of 1pm and 5pm.

Alykes is one of the major tourist towns, it is located on the beach front and again has a main street with shops, restaurants and bars. Alykes is also home to some of the bigger hotels on the island as well as holiday villas.

Agios Nikolas is a port village with the port on one side of the main street and bars, restaurants and two stores the other side. It is one of the quieter towns but the port can become busy in the summer months with yachts mooring up for the night. Agios Nikolas has one hotel just outside the town and an English club resort called Peligoni. Peligoni is a club that offers a variety of water sports such as water skiing, sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding. There is also a bar, resturant, shop and kids’ club. The guests stay in villas located in close proximity to the club.

Apart from quaint towns, beaches and ports, Zakynthos has Navagio Beach (Shipwreck beach), a surreal and unforgettable place. Shipwreck beach can be accessed by boat or car- by boat you can go on the beach, snorkel in the breaktakingly clear water and cliff jump. By car you can stand in awe of the view below and experience the spectacularness from above. Whichever way you choose to view it, it’s definitely a must see.

Zakynthos has a large amount of secret coves, beaches, ports and beautiful views, the best way to see the island is to hire a car and just take a drive, stopping at anything that interests you. Zakynthos has a few towns on the far end of the island that are traditionally Greek, the locals have stalls outside their homes selling products they have made or grown such as honey.

I would personally suggest staying at the Peligoni club, in a villa with a car. You get to stay in the tranquil part of the island and have the freedom to travel anywhere on the island and explore and you have the use of the clubs facilities depending on how you want to spend your holidays.

From the port of Agios Nikolas you can also take a ferry (twice a day) to a slightly larger Greek island called Kefalonia, which is home to some of the best beaches in Greece. The ferry leaves the port in the morning and evening, meaning you could travel over for a day trip.

Greece as well as Zakynthos has lots of places to explore and is unique with history and culture so is definitely more than just a party island!

Zante much more than a party island

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