60 Reasons why you should stop thinking about it and just go travelling

The reasons why people travel vary from person to person. But no matter what age, what destination or what adventure they wish to go on, for the majority of people it’s just a pipe dream brushed aside by the ‘real world’ and society pressures to be successful. Why do people push the idea of travelling aside? It’s because they are scared of the unknown, the potential problems, the what ifs, money, expectation or maybe they are just scared to open their eyes to the world. Trust me once you do it there’s no turning back. Which is exactly the reason you shouldn’t push back the idea!

Here are some reasons why you should forget all your worries and make travelling a part of your ‘real world’ dreams and desires.

  1. to get away from your bubble
  2. to discover new countries
  3. to immerse yourself in other cultures
  4. for the people you meet, backpackers or locals
  5. for the memories you make
  6. to fuel your wanderlust
  7. for your future career, travelling looks great on a resume
  8. for your future self’s experiences,
  9. to learn new things about yourself
  10. maybe even find yourself
  11. create a divide between you and your life pressures
  12. to enjoy waking up on a Monday
  13. to stay in a different place each night
  14. to get lost in a city where you don’t speak the language
  15. to learn another language
  16. for the stories you will tell your future children/grandchildren
  17. find the partner of your dreams
  18. to find a job which you enjoy waking up for
  19. turn your hobby into your career, for a period of time or a lifetime
  20. to live
  21. to live for the moments
  22. to love
  23. to find out who your real friends are
  24. to make friends on every continent
  25. test yourself
  26. reach your boundaries
  27. discover your dreams
  28. break down media portrayals
  29. to forget what day it is
  30. to sleep under the stars
  31. to party like there’s no tomorrow
  32. to save yourself
  33. to create a business maybe
  34. break down your bubble
  35. open your eyes to possibilities
  36. open your eyes to the world
  37. identify what a small place you occupy in this world
  38. to realise the world keeps going on without you
  39. realise what you can get paid to do
  40. help others
  41. volunteer
  42. experience new cultures
  43. avoid getting a ‘real job’
  44. to see and experience things others haven’t
  45. for the social media posts
  46. for the opportunities
  47. for the adrenaline
  48. for the adrenaline-filled activities
  49. the food
  50. the realisation that material objects don’t matter
  51. identify social groups
  52. to experience history
  53. to see history being made
  54. to see places you have only ever dreamed about
  55. for the jealously on your friend’s, family’s faces
  56. for the skills you learn
  57. for the life skills you acquire
  58. for the knowledge you gain
  59. for the stories people won’t believe are true
  60. for the sun, ocean, tan, mountains, forests and new environments

These are just a few of the reasons I can think of, there are a million more reasons why you should just go and travel and take the risk. “the only things you regret in life are, the chances you didn’t take”

60 reasons why you should stop thinking about it and just go travelling

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