Top 10 reasons to visit Greece

Greece is one of the hidden treasures of Europe, it has amazing islands, fantastic beaches, great food and lovely people. In the past year tourism in Greece has fallen, due to 2015’s economic events but this shouldn’t put you off, Greece is still there as it has always been and is a perfectly safe country to visit. Here at 10 reasons why you should visit Greece this summer:

1.The Beaches – Greece is home to the best beaches in the Mediterranean, white and sandy with crystal clear waters and near perfect yearly weather.

2. The Food – The food in Greece is delicious-lots of fresh fruit and  vegetables and most restaurants are family owned and run meaning homemade food and fresh ingredients. Some specialities include: Gyros (a slightly healthier, nicer version of a kebab), Hallumi and feta cheese (you can get it fried, honey fried and grilled), Greek salads, taganaki, bread, all meats and pizza.

3. The People – Greek people are lovely, they run their own businesses, stores, restaurants and have a very ‘can do’ mentality.

4. The Parties – Everyone in Greece loves to have a good time, they will party until all hours. I once went to a bar which provided you with toasties and food whilst you were drinking. The drinks are also usually cheap and Mythos is a great Greek beer.

5. The Outdoor Lifestyle – Everything in Greece is outside- restaurants, stores and bars. It’s normal to spend the majority of the day outside.

6. The Weather – The weather in Greece is usually around 20 – 45c for the majority of the year, the heat is very dry and rain is rare, making it the ideal destination April until November.

7. The Landscape – Greece is a very mountainous country, providing fantastic views when driving. It’s not rare to discover a hidden waterfall, cave or other incredible sights around the country.

8. The Laid Back Lifestyle – Greeks have an amazing lifestyle, they like to drink, sleep during the day and are never in a rush which is why it’s such a lovely place to visit- no one is rushing around and everyone is happy all of the time.

9. The Islands – Greece has some amazing islands and each one of them is different from the next with their own hidden treasures.

10. The Activities – Greece has a lot of different activities you can do depending on where you are staying, including water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, sailing and paddle boarding as well as other activities such as mountain biking, hiking, visiting historic attractions and I even went to an inflatable water park in the ocean in Greece once.


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