Why your 20s is a good time to travel

I encourage everyone to travel no matter what their age because it’s an amazing thing to do- to discover the world, discover yourself and even make it into a career. This being said, your 20s is an especially great time to travel for a large number of reasons:

  1. You have no commitments
  2. You can make a lot of new friends
  3. You may have just graduated so have some fun before starting work
  4. Have some fun before College/ University
  5. Discover new place
  6. Discover the world is tiny
  7. Learn what career path you want to take
  8. Learn about yourself
  9. Discover what you truly want
  10. Meet your soulmate
  11. Live in hostels
  12. Party all night
  13. Make your own plans
  14. Travel with friends
  15. Make lifelong friends
  16. Make friends in different countries
  17. Make mistakes
  18. Take risks
  19. Spend too much money
  20. Break out of your bubble
  21. Break away from society
  22. For the stories no one will believe
  23. Learn what a small place you occupy in the world
  24. Discover new jobs/career paths
  25. Run away from someone or something
  26. Buy a one way ticket
  27. Travel for a year if you want
  28. Care-free
  29. Education is behind you
  30. Learn new skills
  31. Build resume
  32. HAVE FUN!!

Even if only one of these reasons inspires you to go travelling, you should do it!

Why your 20s is a good time to travel 

4 thoughts on “Why your 20s is a good time to travel

  1. It’s certainly a great time to travel!
    You learn so much from travelling as well. It really makes you grow up if you do it solo and you learn so much about the world and even from yourself.


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