7 Things everyone feels whilst travelling

Travelling is a big thing for someone to undertake, it’s an experience filled with emotion, new adventures and excitement. Although this is true, travelling can be scary and intimidating too! Here are seven emotions I believe everyone feels whilst travelling:

1) Excitement – Travelling is a very exciting thing to do, you are discovering a new place, meeting new people, having adventures and experiencing new cultures. Everyone will be excited at some point in their travels especially before embarking on a new journey or in an airport waiting for a flight. After all the planning, organising and researching to actually be embarking on your journey is a relief and a mixture of emotions.

2) Sadness – Travelling is very emotional, you’re leaving home and leaving your family and friends for a period of time. No matter how long you are travelling for it is sad to leave your comfort zone  behind for a period of time, especially if it’s a long period of time. Equally it’s sad to leave your new travelling friends to embark on a new adventure or to return home, that’s part of it though- you have to leave if not you won’t return.

3) Anxiety – Travelling is scary, you are visiting new places and going into the unknown. This is especially true when travelling on your own- will you make friends? Will you get in trouble? What will happen? That’s half the fun of it though, anything could happen. You could meet best friends for life, a partner or just some incredible people. Half the fun of travelling is not knowing what’s going to happen. Travelling is about going with the flow and experiencing amazing things.

4) Love – I feel like everyone experiences love whilst travelling whether it’s for new friends, a partner, a country or a particular place. You can’t travel without falling in love in some way or another.

5) Fear of Change – I believe everyone changes when they go travelling, from new experiences, knowledge, friendships and through learning about themselves. Travelling opens your eyes to new possibilities in the world and new ways of doing things. People you meet change you by sharing their knowledge, experiences and customs with you and through this let you know different things are possible. Travelling provides you with opportunities, maybe someone you meet tells you their travel plans and you decide to go with them to somewhere you never thought of visiting. Or you discover your dream job and maybe that you can get paid to do your hobby. Anything is possible whilst travelling.

6) Loneliness – Travelling can occasionally be lonely when you feel like you know no one else in a country, hostel or bar. Although this is true, all countries are filled with travellers in the same position as you, because it’s common to embark on an adventure on your own, and people are always willing and open to making new friends whilst travelling. In your loneliest nights remember it’s going to get better, you never know who you will meet tomorrow!

7) Happiness – Travelling is fun, it may have been your deepest desire or wish to embark on your adventure so make the most of it. You chose this, everything you have done in life up to this point has taken you to here. Have fun, be happy, do stupid things and have the time of your life. You only get one opportunity to experience where you currently are, don’t forget to stop and take in your surroundings every once in a while. Never again will you be in that place, as that person, with those people again. Take in every experience like it’s your last! If you aren’t having fun, leave-there are plenty of different places to visit and things to do and experience. Life’s too short not to spend it happy!

So remember, travelling causes a complex mix of emotions and you should take the good with the bad and the loneliness with the happiness. Remember to live and make the most of the moment. The little things matter and the friendships may last a lifetime! Check out this link to win a tour from Life Before Work and your exclusive discount code, to kick start your travelling experience.


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