Holiday destination realities campaign by instantprint

On a recent internet search I discovered an interesting campaign by a printing company – instantprint . They have created ‘holiday destination reality’ posters using five different locations which have been heavily discussed in the news: Rio, Paris, Egypt, Benidorm and the Taj Mahal.

Instantprint have written a blog post on the posters which can be found on their website. In the article they have compared traditional posters from each destination to their new reality posters and have written a piece about why they chose each design and location.

The first poster they created is of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a popular destination this year due to the summer Olympics with a big media following due to the Zika virus and crime rates. The poster below, which instantprint has created, shows both issues with popular landmarks;the skyline of the city is made from handguns and the birds transform into mosquitos as they get higher into the sky. I think this a clever concept showing
the problems Rio has, and the perceptions some have about the city, portrayed through its most popular landmarks. Whether the city will be ready for the Olympics is something we will have to wait and see about.



The second poster they have created is of the Taj Mahal in India.It’s one of the world’s most iconic landmarks but it has recently encountered a few problems with pollution mainly due to the heavily polluted Yamuna River. The pollution from the river is turning the landmark’s white marble a brown/yellowish colour and has created a pollution filled and smelly area. The poster instantprint have created shows the outline of the Taj Mahal with a pollution filled skyline and sewage pipe. I think the tag line, ‘A beautiful thing is never perfect’ is pretty clever, stating that everything and every place has it’s flaws.



The third poster they have created is of Egypt, a country which was once thriving with tourists is now a remote area that some airlines don’t even fly into. The poster they have created still has the iconic Pyramids but shows a lonely man and his camels, which were once a big business, wandering the desert alone. The tag line they have created, ‘countries don’t disappear overnight’ is a clever play on words, stating that the country is still there and hasn’t gone anywhere even though most of the tourists have disappeared.



The fourth poster they have created is of Benidorm, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain and Europe with millions taking their holidays there every year. But these holidaymakers in turn cause the holiday resort to become less attractive with bars, high rise hotels and themelves causing trouble. I like this poster because it shows that tourism can be both a benefit and burden to a destination, bringing in income but also bringing in trouble.



The last poster they created is of Paris, the city of romance and home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Yet Paris has seen tourism dramatically decrease due to November 2015’s terrorist attack. I like this poster because it shows guards watching over Paris keeping it safe and doves flying in the air, showing hope for the city.




I think this campaign is unique and well thought through, giving a different perspective on popular tourist destinations including media portrayals and throughout plays on words. If you like this campaign check out the full story as well as the useful and interesting articles at instantprint.



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