How travelling shaped my life

As I write this article, I am sitting in a room in Bogota, Colombia with a spectacular view of the cities night skyline, lights as far as I can see, the hustle and bustle of rush hour traffic 11 floors below and a perfect view of planes lining up to land at the airport.

At this very moment I am meant to be at that airport about to get on my ‘safety flight’ (the flight I booked to get into Colombia and the one which I was going to take if everything went wrong). Instead I am writing this article from my room with a movie on in the background, having taught two English classes this morning and going for coffee with a new friend.

Moving to a new country is scary, unpredictable and occasionally lonely, but for me it was over 100% worth it. I am living in an amazing country, with lovely people, I love my new job and I have met some great new friends. I have had experiences that make me want to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming, times here that have made me question how my life became this good.

Three months ago I was in my parents house, I had no job, I injured my arm so was in doing physio not happy with the person I was becoming and then I decided to take the plunge. After all I am only 24 years old, I have my whole life ahead of me right?!

I spent a large amount of my University life (19-21) unhappy, with my relationships, appearance and worried about my future. Five friends, a summer in America and breaking away from routine saved my life. In turn this taught me to spend every moment happy, do things which make me happy and take risks.

I have extensively travelled since that summer, 6 months in Greece, 4 months in France, 8 months in America, 2 months in Latin America, 4 months in America and my current adventure three months in Colombia. Travelling not only changed my life, it saved it. Taking me out of my comfort zone, away from routine and allowing me to discover whats important in life.

I started this blog to show others how travelling can change them, influence them and inspire them to take risks, just like it did to me. Everyone should live the life they always wanted to, do things they love and live without regrets. So many people in this world settle, in jobs, cities and relationships- they are afraid to take risks.

Travelling isn’t for everyone and it doesn’t make everyone happy, but it does open your eyes to how things can be. Give you a new view on the same world, see the world through another lens and open your eyes to the opportunities there is. Your currently world is a small bubble in a huge world, most people will never break through this bubble but the ones who do will gain the greatest rewards.


9 thoughts on “How travelling shaped my life

  1. Absolutely . u said it well that ur world is a small bubble and the moment u come out of it and go places u wil find more variety in life and understand the world from different perspective may be


  2. This latest stop on your journey is a bit different from the US and Europe! We spent some time in Bogota and other parts of Colombia last December and we loved it. Hope your time there is happy and enjoyable!


  3. I’m so glad that travel has been such a positive, and life altering experience for you! It has been the same for me. I was in a similar situation as you. I was 23-years old, applying to law school while questioning whether I actually wanted to go and was extremely unhappy in my job. I was lost so I decided to take time for myself and figure it all out, which is what sent me to Hanoi, Vietnam for a year to teach English and travel every second I could get! It answered so many questions about what I want to be doing with my life and what makes me happy.

    Enjoy your time in Colombia! It sounds wonderful 🙂


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    1. Thank you. So glad travelling helped you too! So many people take the easier option and realise it’s not what they want, but they are too late! I admire you for also going away for a year to discover what you really want. I’m teaching English here in Colombia and love it, so rewarding! Glad you are happy now 🙂 . Thank you so much for your comment, love heard stories of how travelling of how travelling has change people! All the best, Anny


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