How to make friends whilst travelling

People travel in all kinds of ways; with friends, on their own, in groups or with family. No matter how people travel, making friends is part of the travelling experience. Travelling can be scary and lonely but it can also be the best time, full of new friends.

Everyone travelling wants to make friends, share experiences and have fun. It is easy to make friends whilst travelling; in hostels, bars and other places everyone is looking for new friends and will talk to you. Travelling can be lonely but it can also be rewarding for you to spend sometime away from society, to think independently and gain a new outlook on life.

Travelling has gives you friends all over the world, the people you meet travelling are special friends, they never knew you growing up, but they share the same interests as you, they are travelling which in turn makes them a certain type of person! Someone you may have many things in common with, same personality, interests an way of thinking. Not everyone travels so the people who do are special, they have experiences similar to your own, the thing about travellers is they always want to make friends. You tend to become better friends with other travellers quicker than usual friends, you are sharing experiences and memories that will last a lifetime, you both shared this part of your life together and you will never forget it.

I have met a large number of people from all over the world, everyone has different experiences, cultures and knowledge. These are the greatest people to learn from, maybe one of your new friends has been to your next destination and can tell you the good places to visit. Christmas in different countries is one of the most surprising things I learnt whilst travelling. Everyone picks up different experience or knowledge and travelling is a great way to learn about customs and traditions in other countries aside from the country I am visiting.

Travelling has taught me that friends are important, travelling is more fun with friends, it’s no fun doing something exciting if you don’t have anyone to share memories with.

Although this is true, all countries are filled with travellers in the same position as you, because it’s common to embark on an adventure on your own, and people are always willing and open to making new friends whilst travelling. In your loneliest nights remember it’s going to get better, you never know who you will meet tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “How to make friends whilst travelling

  1. Lovely post! You’re very right about making friends whilst traveling. If only it were as easy to make friends while not! Christmas is also something I’ve noticed is celebrated very different across the globe. What have you noticed about that?


    1. Yes if only, so easy to make friends travelling, not so easy at home. Christmas is definitely celebrated very differently across the world, for example I was in Colombia last Christmas and they celebrate on the 24th, whereas in England everything is celebrated on the 25th. Some countries make a lot of fuss about Christmas and other don’t so much. Everywhere is different. What’s Christmas like where you are from?

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