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Here are some of the companies I work with and the work I have produced:

The Bogota Post 

Adventure Sports in Colombia 

Colombia’s Paramo

The Odyssey 

6 Myths about Colombia travellers get wrong 

Why do people travel?

7 things everyone feels whilst travelling

Blasting News UK

Why you shouldn’t let the Brexit affect your decision to travel

Nice Terror Attack: How safe is it to travel

Could Russia be banned from competing in Rio 2016 

Turkey: Should you still take your Turkish vacation 

Summer Holidays: Where should I go

Uncover Colombia

Visiting Colombia: An English Perspective 

A guide to Colombia’s beautiful beaches 

Top 10 Colombian Destinations to visit in 2017

Palomino, Colombia’s Hidden Gem 

Colombia’s Adventurous activity capital 

Christmas in Colombia

Transfer Travel

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