A beginners guide to finding jobs around the world

The most popular question people ask me is how I find jobs around the world so easily, so I decided to write this post to help show everyone how easy it is to find jobs abroad and without putting up capital upfront.

There are many different way in which you can travel and work, in this post I am going to identify a number of jobs and ways you can do them whilst travelling, these are by no means the only jobs available, there are lots more available. The key to getting a job abroad is knowing where to start, many people are put off my working abroad as they think it is a very expensive thing to do, this can be incorrect in some cases, i will also identify if the job has costs involved.

Some of the possible jobs you can do whilst travelling are as follows;

  1. Seasons – A season job can be done in a resort either in the summer (Greece, Italy, France, BVI, Turkey) or in the winter (Alps, Switzerland, USA) Summer season jobs (April – November) involve activity holidays around the globe, usually with half board guests, the resorts are fully run by English staff and there are a large number of jobs on offer. Winter season jobs (November – April) involve snow skiing or snowboarding holidays, usually with jobs in chalets, the chalets are fully run by English Staff and there are a large number of different jobs on offer.
  • An example of summer season jobs are; waitress, chef, spa therapist, sailing  instructor, water ski instructor, nanny, lifeguard, bike instructor, tennis instructor, swimming instructor and hotel management.
  • An example of winter season jobs are; waitress, chef, chalet host, cleaner, nanny, driver, maintenance, housekeeper, hotel host, ski guide, ski/snowboard instructor or snow clearer
  • Here is a link to a few companies; Neilson Holidays (both seasons), Mark Warner (both seasons),TUI (both seasons), Alpine/ Ocean Elements (both seasons), Scott Dunn (both seasons) , Peligoni Club (summer), PGL (summer), VIP Chalets (winter), Verbier Exclusive (winter) and check out Resort Work for lots more season jobs
  • Seasons can be a very good way of travelling as many companies offer you accommodation, meals, pay and return flights when you sign your contact, you also don’t have to pay anything, just complete the application stage and then off you go


2. Summer Camps – A summer camp job is a beneficial way of travelling to America  (usually remote areas), children’s camp run for 7 to 9weeks during the summer months (June – August) Summer camps employ people from all over the world doing a large variety of jobs.

  • Summer camp jobs include; lifeguards, general counsellors, bunk counsellors, water ski instructors, sailing instructors, arts and craft teachers, horse riding instructors, tennis coaches, gymnastic instructors, athletic instructors, football/basketball instructors and a variety of other sports instructors depending on the camps
  • There are many different companies which provide help with a visa, applications, help finding a job and flights. Some of the biggest companies are as follows; Camp America, BUNAC, Camp Leaders ,  Americamp
  • Although a company is a good way of gaining a job hassle free, companies will charge you a premium for the service.
  • Some camps will let you apply direct to the camp, giving you higher wages, the camp may still pay for your visa but you will have to pay for flights. Some examples of summer camps are; Raquette Lake Camp, Camp Laurel, Camp Echo Lake, Adirondack Camp.There are a lot more summer camps, I would have a google for the best camp for your job for example, (Water ski) summer camp


3. Superyacht work – Many super yachts hire a number of employees for a variety of jobs on the boat, super yacht work can be done any season Mediterranean (May – October) Caribbean (November – May) There are a large number of super yachts needing employees and is a high turnover job.

  • Super yacht job can include; deck hands, captains, chefs, stewardess, officer/mate, medic and occasionally you can find some very specialist jobs depending on the yacht preferences
  • There are many companies there to help you obtain super yacht jobs, some useful websites are as follows; Super Yacht Jobs, Super Yacht CrewYA Crew , Super Yacht Crew Academy
  • Super yacht jobs can be very rewarding, they pay very highly, but work hours are long and days off are sparing, super yacht jobs can be hard to come by, but the travel and lifestyle can be very rewarding, travelling to the most exclusive places, living the life of luxury whilst getting paid to do so


4. Cruise Ship Jobs – Cruise ship companies hire a large number of employees in a variety of job roles, usually for periods of 4 to 6 months at a time. Jobs are available all year round and destinations vary depending on the ship and route they take but they travel all over the world.

  • Cruise Ship jobs can include; waitress, chefs, nannies, entertainers, singers/dancers, housekeepers, shore and general ship staff, some ship employee/ look for specialist job roles depending on the cruise ship companies
  • There are a high number of companies helping/ recruiting staff. Some I have found include; Carnival, P&O and Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Princes Cruises, Disney Cruise Ship, Cruise Line Jobs, Cruise Ship Jobs
  • Cruise ship jobs can be a very good way to travel to a large number of destinations in a given period of time, usually all accommodation, food and pay is included and you shouldn’t have to pay to go and work on a ship


5. Teaching English – Native English residences can apply to various companies in a whole range of non English speaking countries, some companies will make you pay to take their qualifications to help you obtain jobs, others will provide you with accommodation, visas and flights.

  • The most popular countries which have a large number of teaching jobs available are; Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and other Asia countries, Although this is true this is only part of the list of countries which teaching English is available.
  • There are a large number of companies around which help you obtain English teacher jobs, some of which are as follows; Teach Away , British Council, TEFL, Go Overseas
  • Another way to find specific programs in a specific country is to just google ‘English teacher jobs in (your chosen country)
  • English teaching jobs can be a good way to travel, as you get to submerge yourself into another culture quickly, many companies offer you a lot of benefits and as a teacher you get time off in holidays, weekends to go and explore different places.


6.Tour Guides – Tour Guiding is a fantastic job to do to meet new people and travel to a large number of places whilst getting paid. You can become a tour guide for a specific city or place or there are a number of companies who have coach tour around different places which would mean travelling to a new place every few days.

  • Each city has its own tourism and sightseeing experiences, to become a city guide you need to have a lot of knowledge and experience within that city.
  • A few tour guide companies who recruit online are as follows; New Europe, Contiki, Top Deck
  • Many of these companies also recruit drivers to drive the tours
  • Tour guide jobs are a good way of interacting with people, learn new things and spend time in travelling in different countries for free.


7. Volunteer Abroad – Many countries offer people the opportunity to conduct voluntary work, such as building new schools, hospitals, houses, teaching English, help with running hostels, help building hostels and many more.

  • These jobs are usually unpaid but still offer some kind of incentive, such as meals, accommodation in exchange for work. Which can be a good way of travelling without it costing you a lot of money.
  • There are a large number of companies/corporations looking for volunteers, some links are as follows; Volunteer Abroad, VSO International, Hostel Travel Jobs
  • Many of these jobs as well as travel benefits also give you the satisfaction that you helped provide a benefit for a community or town 

There are many more travel jobs out there and available, this is just the start but hopefully it will inspire you and show you how easy it can be to gain a job abroad, you never know you may be able to make a living out of some of these jobs.

“Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear”

13 thoughts on “A beginners guide to finding jobs around the world

  1. Hi there Anny, great article. I was wondering if you had any advice on FRUIT or VEGETABLE PICKING jobs? How to find them? Anywhere in europe.


    1. Hi, thank you for your kind words. I haven’t had any experience with fruit or vegetable picking but after a google search I found a few article with links to job sites which may provide some help for you -http://www.vergemagazine.com/program-search/work-abroad/picking-jobs-seasonal-fruit-picking-jobs.html , http://www.pickingjobs.com , http://www.oneworld365.org/activity/farm-work , Sorry I can’t be of more help. Good luck with your job search and let me know how it goes, would be happy to hear about it.


  2. Great article and add Tour Directors to the list (it’s what I do for a living!)…most people think of everyone in this category as tour guides but they are two different positions. Tour guides works locally or regionally and do not travel with the tour group…whereas Tour Directors travel with the tour group nationally or internationally…all over the world. Most are certified or have degrees and it’s an amazing career. In most countries outside North America they do 2 or 4 year tourism programs through the country but in North America they usually get certified at a reputable school, look at ITMI who does trainings across the U.S.They have the best reputation and that is why I chose them.


  3. Working on a yacht sounds very exciting. The details on seasonal jobs and summer are very helpful and informative. I have a rough idea about volunteering abroad; came across this concept on a platform called Hippohelp. Do you have any clue about it?


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