Top 8 jobs to have abroad in your 20s

Everyone thinks and believes that your twenties are the years when you have the most fun and whether this is true or not, who knows, everyone should aim to have fun in their lives. Your 20s are definitely the years where you are searching for the person you are meant to be and trying to find the job which you are meant to flourish at. Many people don’t make the most out of discovering which jobs they are meant to have, there’s a whole world of opportunity out there and some people just skim the surface.

Here is a list of 10 of the jobs you could do in your 20s to open your eyes to possibilities and most importantly have fun:

  1. Winter Season Chalet Host – Snow ski resorts and snow ski companies employ chalet hosts to serve guests and ensure that their holidays run smoothly. You have between the hours of 11am and 4pm to ski or snowboard to your heart’s content and days off to enjoy apres. There are other jobs in ski resorts not just chalet hosts, check out my blog article on how to get a job as a seasonnaire.
  2. Summer Season – Resorts employ individuals to work in their resorts in a variety of activities/roles such as: Water ski instructors, nannies, waitresses, chefs, sailing instructors etc. You get to do a job in which you spend 6 months living in a resort in the sunshine and get paid for it.
  3. Super Yacht Stewardess –  Super Yacht owners employ individuals to look after their boats, clean them, cook, entertain guests and drive boats. Super Yachts travel the world, normally the Mediterranean for the summer seasons and the Caribbean for the winter seasons. Check out my guide to getting a super yacht job.
  4. Summer Camp Counsellor – Summer camp counsellors get to spend 7 weeks helping kids, doing different activities and getting to meet amazing friends. You can also do a number of different jobs within the camp such as: Water ski instructor, sailing instructor, tennis coach, canoeing instructor, lifeguarding, softball, football and many other sports instructors. Check out my guide to why you should spend a summer at a summer camp
  5. Teaching English – Companies employ native English speakers to teach children how to speak English usually at schools and in destinations where English would be a major benefit to the children’s future lives. Teaching English gives you the opportunity to travel and earn money, popular places for teaching English are: Vietnam, Thailand, China, Japan and South America.
  6. Tour Guides – Do you have a good knowledge of a town/city or enjoy history and talking to people? If yes, why not spend some time giving holiday makers a tour of the city everyday. One of the major companies that do this is Top Deck (who also employs drivers) who conduct tours all over Europe, Asia and Australia.
  7. Bar Tender – Everyone should be a bar tender at some point in their lives, it’s a great job for learning customer service skills, time keeping, money handing and general communication skills. It’s also a fun job to have, meeting new people, laughing at drunk people and once you have the skills you can work in any bar anywhere in the world.
  8. Au Pair/ Nanny – Childcare is very popular in modern society and people pay a large amount of money for others to care for their children. Working as an au pair is a great job which shows many different skills, customer service, communication, responsibility and reliability. There are a large number of au pair jobs available all over the world, many families will require you to live with them or pay for your accommodation. They will take you with them on vacation and treat you like a member of their family.

This is just an insight into some of the jobs you can do on gap years or as a way to travel the world. Your 20s are a time to have fun and discover who you are, you never know one of these jobs may turn into a career path for you. You never know what’s around the corner.

Top 8 jobs to have in your 20s abroad

2 thoughts on “Top 8 jobs to have abroad in your 20s

  1. I always wanted to be an Au Pair over seas but just never really went through with it. It’d be a great way to experience a different country and see how another family lives.
    Unfortunately I found an amazing partner so will have to stick with travelling haha!


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